Watch Your Step, Pingu! is the second episode of Pingu in the City


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Pingu sees a Carpenter fixing a sidewalk. The Carpenter asks Pingu if he would like to try spreading out the concrete. Pingu agrees and does his transformation into a city worker for the day.

Pingus pretty good at this, and he's having fun too. Except he accidently dropped the tool into the concrete. Whoops. He tries a tool that mixes concrete. Oops, it went too fast, he became a penguin's dream and flew away, and fell. Back to spreading the concrete!

After another almost accident, someone walks over the concrete! How dare they! They try and fix it. The flower shop lady is very nice and lets the Carpenter inside, for some coffee.

Pingu now has to stop people from walking over the concrete. They really need to get signs, people could get seriously hurt..

Pendra almost walked over it while reading, but Pingu stops her. She tries to step into it anyway but Pingu isn't having none of it. She walks away and gets...a tennis racket and a tennis ball?

She tries to play Tennis with Pingu just to annoy him. Pingu has to stop Pendra from ruining the uncured concrete with a tennis ball. He finds a clean tool and starts protecting the area from the tennis ball. The ball hits flowers from the shop, and Pingu springs into action! Saving all the flowers, but accidentally stepping into the concrete in the process.

Pingu is now sitting down, upset that he ruined the concrete. Feeling sorry for Pingu, Pendra decides to explain to Pingu her plan to fix the concrete.

They paint a freshly dried sidewalk with flowers, making it very pretty. The shop owner loves it and wants to keep it.



  • This episode marks the first appearance of Pendra.
  • In Japan, this episode was called "It is Under Construction Now!"


  • Oddly when Pingu lands on the concrete, he does not get stuck in it.


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