According to the wiki Pinga is three and Pingu is five. This makes Pingu two years older than pinga. Pretty simple so far right? Now this is where it becomes weird...

Let's go a little off for a while. Pinga is smaller and gray. She always has been. There had been no aging. No big deal right? Pingu didn't age through the show either. Think about this for a second though... Pinga is gray at age zero, one, two and, three. 
Back to their ages now. Has Pingu always been five? I know it sounds crazy but this has got to be true. Just think. When Pinga was born she was zero. Pingu is two years older than her. So to get Pingu's age, just add two to Pinga's age. Okay so simple math now. Pinga's age is zero when she is born. Now let's add two to zero to get Pingu's age. Pingu is two years old.
Now let's talk about Pingu's appearance. Pingu has been black and white the whole series. He has never been gray like Pinga. According to our calculations, he was two at the beginning of the show. He still looked the same. 
Pinga is three. That is older than Pingu in the first few episodes. Still, she looks younger... If Pingu looks like a mature penguin at two and Pinga still looks like a baby at three, then what could this mean? Pinga ages slow? Pingu ages fast? Or has Pingu been four or five the whole time?! I say four or five because he did have a birthday. Pinga never did. How could she be three? It just doesn't add up. They never age is basically the answer. I think the wiki has either got it wrong or Pingu is a messed up show. The only reasonable explanation for this madness Pingu starts out four and ends up five, and Pinga starts zero and ends up one. I know it's unbelievable how smart Pinga is for a one-year old, but this is the only possible explanation for this madness. I say we fix the ages on the Pingu and Pinga pages on this wiki. Let's get it straight people. Pingu's series could have showed only two years of his life though the show actually ran for much longer. The truth of Pingu is uncovered.
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