Ultimate Children's Favorites was released on 17 January 2005. It has a runtime of one hundred and twenty minutes. It features an second season episode of Pingu.


Ultimate Children's Favourites brings you the very best line-up of children's programmes ever on one video. All your children's favourites are included from timeless classic brands such as Thomas And Friends, Pingu and Fireman Sam to best loved characters such as Bob the Builder, Barney, The Story Makers and Angelina Ballerina and many more.

With a running time of two hours, this great value collection will entertain and educate all who see it for years to come....


  • "The Wiggles" - "Dancing"
  • "Thomas & Friends - Thomas to the Rescue"
  • "Angelina Ballerina" - "Angelina's Surprise"
  • "Bob the Builder" - "Molly's Fashion Show"
  • "Rubbadubbers" - "Finbar's Important Part"
  • "Pingu" - "Pingu's Admirer"
  • "Fireman Sam" - "Safe with Sam"
  • "Kipper" - "The Purple Park Monster"
  • "Barney"- "A New Friend"
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