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The Strikers are three penguins who are professional and aggressive hockey players, which they only appeared in Ice Hockey

They also appear in the video game "Pingu: The Most Cheerful Penguin in the World".


When they first saw Pingu, Robby and Pongi, one of them asks if they would like to join in as their rival team. As the three young friends get kitted out, they feel sure that will crush their new rivals easily. When Pingu manages to outwit the Professional's goal keeper and gets a goal and they woop for joy over their small success.

They became furious at being outwitted by a wannabe team who can not stop celebrating and annoying them. So on the next try, they play aggressively by knocking them with their putts, forcing them into the corners and sides, and so on to ensure they do not win. After Pingu and his friends decided to quit, the striker were feeling bad about what they did, they discard their hockey equipment too and join them with what they are doing, which happens to be figure skating and they have the most fun they have all day together.

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