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The Pygos Group (formerly known as Pingu B.V. and Editoy AG) is a Swiss entertainment company owned by Mattel Creations. It was located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

In 29th October 2001, the company collapsed and all its assets were sold to HiT Entertainment for over £15.9m. As of today, the studio exists as an in-name-only unit used to market properties and productions associated with the Pingu library, as a result, despite retaining the copyright, they didn't have much involvement for Seasons 5-6 & Pingu in the City.

Pingu Studio

Pingu Studio (formerly known as Trickfilmstudio Otmar Gutmann and Pingu Filmstudiowas an animation company that was formed by Otmar Gutmann and a division of The Pygos Group. The only known show they have produced is PinguSeason 1Season 2Season 3Pingu At The Wedding Party and Season 4 were made at this studio. It was located in Russikon, Switzerland near Zurich.

Known Staff

  • Otmar Gutmann - Founder, Director, Animator, Modelmaker, Producer, Writer (died 1993)
  • Harald Mücke - Co-founder
  • Silvio Mazzola - Writer 
  • Guido Weber - Co-writer 
  • Seishi Katto - Animator, Director 
  • Javier Garcia - Animator, Director 
  • Meinrad Heimann - Animator [1]
  • Emilia Séchy - Chief, Modelmaker
  • Andrea Schuch - Chief, Modelmaker
  • Gabriella Mache - Modelmaker
  • Staschia Moser - Modelmaker
  • Nancy Zedi - Modelmaker
  • Anja Sauer - Modelmaker
  • Ruben Diaz - Modelmaker
  • Marianne Boos - Modelmaker
  • René Imdorf - Modelmaker[2]


The Pygos Group

Pingu Studio

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