This article's title is derived from Japanese, because it was never/still has to be localized to English in official sources.

The Art of Baking is the fourteenth episode of Pingu in the City.


Chef Fred is advertsing bread when Pingu walks along as he is selling some bread to a female customer. Chef Fred notices Pingu as he spins and dons a chef uniform. Chef Fred hears the bell to inform him that more bread is ready and allows Pingu to take his role for the time being.

Chef Fred hands Pingu the bread for him to advertise.He gets bored and makes a pyramid out of the foot-shaped bread. Pen-Pen notices and asks to join Pingu. Pingu agrees and Pen-Pen spins, but he fails to don a hat so Pingu gives him one. When Pingu is handed a few more loaves of bread, Pen-Pen has already made a figure with the bread. Pingu tries to make an "I" shape with the bread but it collapses. Meanwhile Pen-Pen sells more bread with his bread bunny rabbit. Pingu gets jealous and makes a bread train, which interests some male customers. Pen-Pen makes a bread monster and they continue trying to make the best bread sculptures. This sells them a lot of bread, but they run out. They are resupplied a little and continue.

They decide to make a bread tower and get more bread from Chef Fred to build it. The tower is finished and there is huge paparazzi. Chef Fred takes out a piece of the tower, but this causes it to collapse. However, much to Pingu and Pen-Pen's shock, he manages to support it as it tips. Both of them are confused.



  • This is the second PITC episode in a row to use a slow motion sequence after Pingu's Magnet Muddle.
  • This is the first time spinning has failed in the series.
  • This is the 2nd time we see Pen-Pen transform into a job (albeit unsuccessfully) and the 1st time being Pingu the Baker.
  • In Japan, this episode is called "Art at Bread!?".
  • This is the fifteenth episode to air in the UK.


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