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"A lot has happened since 1986, when we first had the idea of telling stories for children and everyone else who wishes to keep a fresh approach to life and to be open to nature. PINGU has grown up, but has remained a naughty, charming and surprising little penguin. With his red beak, big eyes and disarming character, he has reached more than a billion people through TV and products. His adventures are still the same everyday stories and he has not learnt so much that he has had to change his character or his behaviour. PINGU has grown up more at the merchandising side. Millions of fans and consumers watch PINGU on TV and buy articles with its friendly face on them. PINGU has become one of the most well-loved comic characters...”[1]

Silvio Mazzola (born March 4, 1960) is a Swiss television writer of Italian ancestry. After Otmar Gutmann passed away, he took over the job of writing the episodes until 2000. He was one of the writers of the first four seasons of "Pingu".[2]



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