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Season 4 was first broadcast in 1998 to 2000.

Although Pingu is a children's television series many of the episodes have been censored before they reached UK Television.

Some episodes were even banned completely from being shown. For a full list, see Pingu Censorship.


  1. Pingu's Disadvantage (January 5, 1998)
  2. Pingu Refuses To Help (January 6, 1998) - Pingu has a rough day, so he can't help out.
  3. Pingu the Mountaineer (January 7, 1998)
  4. Pingu and the Big Fish (January 8, 1998)
  5. Pingu Shows What He Can Do (January 9, 1998) - Pingu tries to act more manly towards Pingi
  6. Pingu Clears the Snow (January 12, 1998)
  7. Pingu Has a Day Off (January 13, 1998)
  8. Pingu the Archer (January 14, 1998) - Pingu was taught how to use a bow and arrow by his grandfather, but soon started getting a little carried away.
  9. Pingu Gets a Warning (January 17, 1998)
  10. Pingu and the Magnet (January 20, 1998)
  11. Pingu Gets Help (July 19, 1998)
  12. Pingu in Paradise (November 20, 1998)
  13. Pingu's Dangerous Joke (January 21, 1999)
  14. Pingu the Pilot (January 22, 1999)
  15. Pingu Teases Pinga (January 23, 1999) - Pingu pranks Pinga by placing her stuffed rabbit on their snowman.
  16. Pingu's Wish (July 26, 1999)
  17. Pingu is Curious (November 27, 1999)
  18. Pingu Gets Organised (December 8, 1999)
  19. Pingu Builds a Tower (January 1, 2000)
  20. Pingu the King (January 30, 2000)
  21. Pingu the Baker (February 2, 2000)
  22. Pingu and the Doll (February 3, 2000)
  23. Pingu Helps Grandfather (March 4, 2000)
  24. Pingu Has a Bad Day (April 5, 2000)
  25. Pingu Loses the Bet (April 7, 2000)
  26. Pingu and His Cup (September 9, 2000)


  • This is the first season of Pingu to have no controversal episodes, due to many controversies in the past. Although "Pingu and the Doll" was banned from airing on Cartoon Network for most of North America, due to the depiction of Pingu pretending to be a Native American which was considered racist.
  • This season was only shown on US television, but was never released on home video. In 2013, it was released for digital.
  • This was the last season to be made by The Pygos Group.
  • This was the last season to feature Carlo Bonomi as the voice of Pingu and all the other characters.
  • This was the last season to be shot on 35mm film.
  • This was the last season to be produced and filmed in 4:3 before they transitioned to 16:9 widescreen for Season 5 but episodes from that season we're cropped and released in 4:3 on some Children's Favourites DVDs which HiT Entertainment was releasing at the time.


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