Season 3 aired in 1995 and 1996.

Although Pingu is a children's television series many of the episodes have been censored before they reached UK Television. Some episodes were even banned completely from being shown. For a full list, see Pingu Censorship.

BBC Two only aired the 1st half of season 3 (episodes 1-13) and the 2nd half (episodes 14-26) was released directly to VHS.


Screenshot Title of episode Production year Episode
Pingu Goes Cross Country Skiing June 15, 1995 #1
When Pingu and his friend are cross-country skiing, they carelessly crash into an elderly skier.
Pingu at the Museum June 22, 1995 #2
Pingu and Robby get up to all sorts of mischief during a visit to a museum.
Pingu's Grandpa Comes to Stay June 29, 1995 #3
Pingu's Long Journey July 6, 1995 #4
Pingu sets off an expedition, but doesn't realise that his sister is hiding in the sled.
Pingu Pretends to be Ill July 13, 1995 #5
Pingu pretends to be sick.
Pingu the Painter July 20, 1995 #6
Pingu finds a box of painting recruits and decides to paint Robby, but he makes a mess.
Pingu's Trick July 27, 1995 #7
Pingu helps his neighbour and is rewarded. Pingu's friend tries to get a reward too, but the neighbour refuses. They decide to play a trick on the neighbour, but it all ends with an innocent passer-by becoming the victim of their prank.
Pingu and the Mother Bird August 3, 1995 #8
Pingu Quarrels With His Mother August 10, 1995 #9
Pingu gets into an argument with his mother.
Pingu and the Message in a Bottle August 17, 1995 #10
Pingu finds a message in a bottle, and is curious to find out what the message is.
Pingu Has an Idea August 24, 1995 #11
Pingu and Pinga figure out how to make their record player work without electricity.
Pingu Breaks a Vase August 31, 1995 #12
Pingu and Pinga are playing when they accidentally break their mother's vase.
Pingu and the Paper Plane September 7, 1995 #13
Pingu gets the blame when a classmate throws a paper plane at the teacher.
Pingu Takes Revenge June 13, 1996 #14
After being teased by a friend, Pingu plans on cutting down the bridge infront of his friends home.
Pingu Makes a Mistake June 20, 1996 #15
Pingu and the Toy June 27, 1996 #16
Pingu the Superhero July 4, 1996 #17
Pingu and the Fishing Competition July 11, 1996 #18
Pingu and his friends want to have a fishing competition.
Pingu and the Letter July 18, 1996 #19
Pingu Feels Left Out July 25, 1996 #20
Robby is having a game of badminton with Pingo and when Pingu wants to play, they won't let him join in.
Pingu Wins First Prize August 1, 1996 #21
Pingu buys a ticket from Miss Peng-Hoven and wins a first prize at the life-time's supply of best quality fish.
Pingu and the Ghost August 8, 1996 #22
Pingu starts getting paranoid about ghosts.
Pingu and the Postcard August 15, 1996 #23
A postcard form the South Seas leads PINGU and Pinga to adorn themselves with flowers and decorate the house.
Pingu's Discovery August 22, 1996 #24
Pingu and Robby found an ancient artifact, so they brought it over to the museum along with Pingu's grandfather.
Pingu and the Baker August 29, 1996 #25
Mother sends Pingu to the bakery to fetch the bread but in the process he steals a cake.
Pingu and the Lost Ball September 5, 1996 #26
Pingu is playing alone with wooden blocks when Pinga comes along and his tower collapses. In revenge he puts her ball just out of reach.


  • The majority of this season was shown on US television, but only Pingu's Long Journey has ever been avalible on a Home Video release, Antarctic Antics. The aforementioned episode was also released for digital in 2013.
  • The first five episodes had the original opening titles. Later prints plastered it with the later intro, though it is intact on Japanese VHS releases.