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== Gallery==
== Gallery==
<gallery position="center" captionalign="center">
<gallery position="center" captionalign="center">
Pingu 2 remastered.png|Remastered Opening Card
Pingu 2 remastered.png|End of Japanese intro
PinguSeason1and2OriginalClosing.jpg|Original Closing Card
PinguSeason1and2OriginalClosing.jpg|Original Closing Card
PinguSeason2OriginalClosing1992.jpg|Original Closing Card 1992 (located on [[Pingu's Birthday (VHS)|Pingu's Birthday]])
PinguSeason2OriginalClosing1992.jpg|Original Closing Card 1992 (located on [[Pingu's Birthday (VHS)|Pingu's Birthday]])

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Season 2 aired from 1991 to 1994. Even though Pingu is a children's television series, many of the episodes have been censored before they reached UK television. Some episodes were even banned completely from being shown. For a full list, see Pingu Censorship

Episodes[1][2] Edit

Screenshot Title of episode Production year Episode
Pingu at the Doctor's 1991 #1
Pingu gets carried away while playing and hurts his beak.
Pingu's Admirer 1991 #2
Pingu is irritated to find he has a female admirer.
Pingu and the Seagull 1992 #3
Pingu is plagued by a mischievous seagull that becomes a constant irritation.
Pingu Goes Ice Surfing 1992 #4
Pingu goes surfing with his mother's freshly-washed bed sheet.
Pingu's First Kiss 1992 #5
Pingu and Pingi want to have their first kiss, but everyone keeps interrupting them.
Pingu's Curling Game 1992 #6
Pingu is using a hot water bottle as a curling stone, but he is not very good.
Pingu's Family Celebrate Christmas 1992 #7
Pingu and Pinga can scarcely wait for the handing out of presents.
Pingu the Icicle Musician 1992 #8
Pingu uses icicles to make music. The sound leads his friends to an amazing ice cavern.
Pingu The Chef 1992 #9
Pingu and Pinga, at home alone, feel hungry and try to cook popcorn.
Pingu Goes Away 1993 #10
Pingu feels homesick when he visits his aunt in another village.
Pingu the Photographer 1993 #11
Pingu takes lots of photographs, but forgets to take the cap off.
Pingu's New Kite 1993 #12
Pingu and Pinga's kite is stuck on the roof, and they try to get it down.
Pingu and the Many Packages 1993 #13
Pingu goes shopping to find a perfect gift for Grandpa.
Pingu the Conjurer's Apprentice 1993 #14
Pingu is holding a magic show.
Pingu's Birthday 1993 #15
It's Pingu's birthday, and his friends are coming over to celebrate.
Pingu at the Funfair 1993 #16
Pingu goes to the fair ground with his family.
Pingu the Babysitter 1993 #17
Pingu is left to look after two baby twins.
Pingu Cannot Lose 1994 #18
Pingu has some bad luck while bowling.
Pingu and the Game of Fish 1994 #19
Pingu helps out a disabled penguin.
Pingu Gets a Bicycle 1994 #20
Pinga is miserable and distraught, Pingu gives Pinga his scooter. 
Pingu's Visit to the Hospital 1994 #21
Pingu and his mother visit the hospital to see Pinga and Pingi.
Pingu on the School Excursion 1994 #22
Pingg gets stuck in a whale
Pingu and Pinga at the Kindergarten 1994 #23
Pingu and Pinga go to the kindergarten.
Pingu and the Strangers 1994 #24
Two unfamiliar penguins come to town and everyone is frightened of them, but Pingu helps them to realise that one should not judge by appearances.
Pingu Helps His Mother 1994 #25
Pingu helps Mother around the house.
Pingu Builds a Snowman 1994 #26
Pingu and friends build an enormous snowman.

Trivia Edit

  • In the mid 1990s, due to the new soundtrack and voicing made for Season 3, Season 2's audio was re-done and the title sequence was replaced with a section of David Hasselhoff's "The Pingu Dance".
  • Pingu and Robby gain deeper voices in the original version.
  • Episodes for Season 1, this season and Season 3 had the HiT Entertainment logo added at the end of every episode on DVD releases.
  • This is the last season to have all episodes written, produced, and directed by creator of the series Otmar Gutmann, as he died on October 13th, 1993 after a struggling battle with cancer. "Pingu Cannot Lose" was his final involvement in the show. From the second half of the second series and seasons three until season four, all episodes would be directed by Spanish-Swiss animator and director, Javier Garcia, and Japanese director, Seishi Katto.



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