Pongi is one of Pingu's friends.


His first appearance was in Ice Hockey. He, Robby and Pingu are dawdling around one day, when they see a hockey team practising for a game. One of the strikers, named Snow Dog Hugo, sees the three young friends and asks if they would like to join in as their rival team. As he, Pingu and Robby get kitted out, the professional team feel sure they will crush their new rivals easily. The referee blows his whistle and the game begins. At the first two tries they didn't get a goal, but then on the next try, they get one.

The other team is a bad loser, however, and on the final try, they play aggressively to ensure they do not win, knocking them with the putt, forcing them into corners, and so on, and they win the game. They want another game, but Pongi and his friends refuse due to the team's bad sportsmanship and for injuring Robby as well. Them and the team then discard all their gear, and do figure skating instead.

In Pingu and the Fishing Competition, he, Pingo and Pingu are having a friendly fishing competition, but luck does not seem to be on his side. At first while cutting fishing holes out of the ice, he uses the saw all wrong and Robby has to come and help him. After that, Pongi breaks his fishing rod and Pingu and Pingo laugh at him. Then everytime a fish jumps up from his fishing hole, Pingu keeps swapping with him. Nothing seems to be looking good for Pongi, until he makes the biggest catch of the day. Pingu and Pingo and looking forward to making a good meal out of the fish, but before they can do anything, Pongi slides away with his catch leaving Pingu and Pingo shaking their fists in a rage.


Pongi is more of the "geek" type, and is mostly found engrossed in books related to studying. He is most likely the best student in his school.



  • In his first few appearances, Pongi did not have glasses but later wore them quite often.
  • In the 1998 BBC game Pingu and Friends, he was called Pink.


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