Playtime Children's Favourites was released on September 26th, 2005. It has a runtime of one hundred and fifteen minutes. It features a fifth season episode of Pingu.


It's time to play with all your child's favourite characters in this awesome collection of fun packed stories.

Read along with The Story Makers, dance with Barney and laugh with Pingu. Including much loved favourites Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam and Thomas & Friends, this DVD promises the best playtime ever.

With over 2 hours of fun this is a collection your child will want to play with again and again. It's time to play!


  • "Kipper" - "The Dinosaur"
  • "Fireman Sam" - "Bathtime for Dusty"
  • "The Hoobs" - "Floating"
  • "Thomas & Friends" - "Squeak, Rattle and Roll"
  • "The Wiggles" - "Play"
  • "Pingu" - "Pingu Wants to Fly"
  • "Barney" - "Let's Play Games"
  • "Bob the Builder" - "Lofty the Artist"
  • "Angelina Ballerina" - "Angelina at the Fair"
  • "Rubbadubbers" - "Copy Sploshy"
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