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The information in the article below contains spoilers for both the original series and the reboot itself. So, please consider watching the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

Pingu in the City (Japanese:ピングー in ザ・シティ) is a Japanese computer-animated television series produced by Mattel Television and Polygon Pictures, based on Pingu. in Japan, It premiered on October 7th 2017 on NHK, and in Australia, It premiered on June 4th 2018 on ABC Kids. It was also screened in the United States at the Animation Block Party in New York on July 26th[1], and was also screened at the Chicago International Television Festival.[2] It also served as the rebooted series for the Pingu television line. While the show did air in the UK on Little Be, it is unknown when the series would air in the US at all.

The show was first screened outside of Japan at the JW Marriot Renior Conference Room in Cannes as part of the MIPJunior 2017 event on October 15th, and is also on sale for North America, China, Middle East and African markets.[3] On October 18th, 2018, Sony Creative Products Inc. signed a distribution deal for Pingu in the City in territories across Europe and Latin America, handling all LatAm countries as well as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

This series is about Pingu and his family moving from their small village to a big city and trying to help penguins with their jobs.


"Pingu has moved with his family to the big city from a small village. He meets many other penguins doing interesting jobs, from chefs to florists to carpenters. How exciting for the curious little penguin! He tries to give them a hand, but sometimes his mischievousness gets him in trouble. But thanks to his cheerful spirit and wit, he's saved every time."


Keisuke Tsuchihasi

The development of the series started in 2014, from which the project was planned several times at Polygon Pictures.[4] The production crew "set the rule as not to change the basic image and tone", but using stop motion would mean a bigger budget. They considered making it in 2D, but it would've made it look too different compared to the original, Keisuke Tsuchihasi later came up with the idea of remaking Pingu in 3D using CGI technology and it was "the way they could maintain the quality, touch, feel and movement of the clay animation".

Naomi Iwata went with his children at Kidzania which resulted the concept of Pingu experimenting various occupations in the series and moving into a big city.[5]

"We adults normally don't like work, we feel it's dull to work. But Pingu can change any dull work into a funny and interesting thing to do. So let's set Pingu the challenge to try out lots of different jobs."[6]

A 90 second pilot film was produced in 2016 and production of the series officially began in mid-April 2017 at Dandelion. Software such as Maya, Redshift, Houdini etc was used.[7]

After the second series of the reboot was finished airing, the revival series was cancelled in 2019 by Mattel, and thus a third series was never green lit for production.

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Screenshot Title Release date
Unaired Pilot Unaired (test screened during 2016)

Series 1

Screenshot Title Release date Episode number
Pingu Cooks Up A Treat! 7 October, 2017 #1
Helping out at a restaurant, Pingu gets the idea to "help" with the soup while the chef is away.
Watch Your Step, Pingu! 14 October, 2017 #2
Pingu decides to stand watch over the freshly paved walkway until the ice hardens, so no one will leave footprints.
Img new ep03.png
Pingu's Rules Of Babysitting 21 October, 2017 #3
Pingu is babysitting at home, but when Pinga and her friend's indoor football/soccer game gets out of hand, he decides to take it outside.
Img new ep04.png
Pingu the Baker 28 October, 2017 #4
Pingu takes an interest in baking, and when his penguin-shaped bread is a success, he decides to bake more.
Img new ep05.png
Pingu the Super Substitute 4 November, 2017 #5
At a local football/soccer match, Pingu makes an unexpected appearance on the field after the captain is injured.
Img new ep06.png
Pingu At Your Service 11 November, 2017 #6
Pingu hits on the idea to start a food delivery service with the chef while his restaurant is closed for renovations.
Img new ep07.png
Power Up Pingu 18 November, 2017 #7
During a blackout, Pingu and Pinga discover that their inventor neighbour/neighbor is able to generate his own electricity.
Img new ep08.png
Buzz Off! 25 November, 2017 #8
Pingu is helping out at the flower shop when something lurking in the flowers suddenly attacks.
Img new ep09.png
Pingu the Hero! 2 December, 2017 #9
Pingu befriends a bench warmer for the local football/soccer team, and discovers his new friend's hidden talent.
Img new ep10.png
Flower Power 9 December, 2017 #10
While Pingu is helping out at the flower shop, the chef and the firefighter begin a contest over who orders the biggest bouquet to impress the girl at the shop.
Img new ep11.png
Let's Build An Igloo! 16 December, 2017 #11
Pingu decides to build himself an igloo, and when he can't find ice blocks that are big enough, Robby offers to help.
Img new ep12.png
Pingu Saves Christmas 23 December, 2017 #12
Pingu and Robby discover Father Christmas's bag full of parcels/presents, and decide to deliver the parcels/presents themselves.
Img new ep13.png
Pingu's Magnet Muddle 30 December, 2017 #13
While enjoying the super convenient invention that pulls anything you wish for towards you, Pingu decides to use it to take the television remote from Pinga.
Img new ep14.png
The Art of Baking 13 January, 2018 #14
Pingu and friends decide to help the chef sell bread, but their attempt to change the display creates a very tall and very big bread tower that begins to topple.
Img new ep15.png
Mama's Birthday Surprise 20 January, 2018 #15
Everybody is busy getting ready for Mama's surprise birthday party, but Pingu bumps into her on his way back from the flower shop carrying a big bouquet.
Img new ep16.png
Pingu Takes Flight 27 January, 2018 #16
The inventor makes Pingu's dream of flying come true with his flying machine no. 2, but the joy is short-lived as things quickly begin to go horribly wrong.
Img new ep17.png
Pingu Glides to Fame 3 February, 2018 #17
Pingu and Pinga begin figure skating after watching skaters at the rink. As the crowd cheers them on, the two take their ice show into the city, where the residents join in.
Img new ep18.png
Pingu Plugs a Leak 10 February, 2018 #18
The carpenter and Pingu are fixing leaks in the water pipe, but when they think they are finally finished, water springs out from beneath the road.
Img new ep19.png
Pingu and Pinga Fashionista's 17 February, 2018 #19
Pingu and the fashion-conscious Pinga use the inventor's new knitting machine without permission and have lots of fun - maybe too much fun.
Img new ep20.png
Keep It Up Pingu! 24 February, 2018 #20
Pingu wants to learn to juggle a football/soccer ball like the local team players, but he is too concentrated on the ball as he heads towards the city.
Img new ep21.png
Pingu's Catch of the Day 3 March, 2018 #21
The chef opens an outdoor restaurant, and Pingu tries to help by catching fish, but things begin to get out of hand when Robby eats all the precious catch.
Img new ep22.png
Stop That Mail! 10 March, 2018 #22
Pingu is delivering the mail for Papa who has caught a cold, but soon the skateboard the inventor lends him begins to go out of control.
Img new ep23.png
Sticking Together 17 March, 2018 #23
Pingu and Pinga use the glue the carpenter left behind to fix their toy airplane, but the two soon start to fight over the glue, and end up getting stuck together.
Img new ep24.png
Special Delivery for Pingu 21 March, 2018 #24
Pingu helps Papa deliver the post, but when Pinga picks a fight with him over who gets to wear Dad's postman/mailman hat, she feels terrible for getting Pingu in trouble.
Img new ep25.png
Everyone's a Winner! 24 March, 2018 #25
Pingu on skis, his friend on the snowboard, and Robby on the bobsled compete to decide who is fastest.
Img new ep26.png
Growing Pains 31 March, 2018 #26
Pingu and Pinga are given seeds from the flower shop, but when only Pinga's seed sprouts, Pingu thinks up a training program to make his seed sprout faster.

Series 2

Screenshot Title Release date Episode number
Img new ep27.png
Fire Fighter Training is Tough! 6 October, 2018 #1
Pingu is learning how to be a fireman, albeit not doing very well.
Img new ep28.png
A Mysterious Helper 13 October, 2018 #2
Pingu encounters a strange creature in the ocean.
Img new ep29.png
Grandfather's Here! 20 October, 2018 #3
Pingu's Grandpa comes to the city, but Pingu and Pinga think he's lonely even though they don't know he is also friends with the other penguins in the city.
Img new ep30.png
The Naughty Tram Passenger 27 October, 2018 #4
Pingu tries to keep some seagulls from getting on top of the tram.
Img new ep31.png
A Mysterious Creature Appears! 3 November, 2018 #5
Pingu wants to see if a rumour/rumor about mysterious creatures living in snowy caves is true.
Img new ep32.png
Pingu's Jam Session 10 November, 2018 #6
Whilst at a restaurant, a jazz band begins playing and Pingu wants to play in it.
Img new ep33.png
Say Cheese! 17 November, 2018 #7
Pingu gets a camera and begins taking photos of city residents, but he ends up taking photos of follies that they end up in, much to their disdain.
Img new ep34.png
What's Inside? 24 November, 2018 #8
While going to get a picky Pinga a donut, Pingu is invited to a fish canning company to help with putting the fish in the cans
Img new ep35.png
The Big Blue Chase 1 December, 2018 #9
Pingu has to stop a thief who stole a bag, but he ends up covered in blue coloured/colored paint causing the residents to think he's the thief because the thief is also covered in blue paint.
Img new ep36.png
Pingu's Space Adventures 8 December, 2018 #10
Pingu ends up going in space after being trained by astronauts.
Img new ep37.png
Helping a New Friend 15 December, 2018 #11
Pingu and Pinga try helping penguins in need.
Img new ep38.png
Pingu and the Egg 22 December, 2018 #12
While watching over some eggs at the Carpenter's place, the eggs end up going all over the city.
Img new ep39.png
Pingu Makes the Movie! 29 December, 2018 #13
Pingu decides to try and film a movie, but things get in the way of filming.
Img new ep40.png
Pingu is a Rock Star! 5 January, 2019 #14
A talent show searches for stars in the city. Pingu and his friends form a band but they get nervous when performing in front of the stern judges.
Img new ep41.png
Household Helping Hands 12 January, 2019 #15
Pingu and Pinga look after the house after Mum and Dad fall ill.
Img new ep42.png
Pingu the Wigmaker! 19 January, 2019 #16
The Inventor creates a wig machine, and Pingu uses it to make a salon that increases in popularity.
Img new ep43.png
Pingu on Patrol! 26 January, 2019 #17
Pingu is appointed to a junior police constable after he catches a penguin littering, but he takes it too far in patrolling the city.
Img new ep44.png
Pingu's Frozen Discovery 2 February, 2019 #18
Pingu and the inventor find a fossil inside some ice, leading to the belief that an extinct creature might be in it.
Img new ep45.png
Pingu's Treasure Hunt 9 February, 2019 #19
After damaging a video game system, Pingu's Dad sets up a treasure hunt for the two to carry out.
Img new ep46.png
Voyage to the Moon 16 February, 2019 #20
Pingu and Robby find a rocket shaped rime.
Img new ep47.png
Pingu's Traffic Dance 23 February, 2019 #21
The Movement of the penguins in the city who began to manage the movement of Pingu gradually become like a dance.
Img new ep48.png
I  Want to be on TV! 2 March, 2019 #22
A rock hopper penguin is reflected in the town news broadcast on TV and Pingu makes various appearances so he can be on TV.
Img new ep49.png
Flea Market 9 March, 2019 #23
Pingu and his friends take junk to the flea market, but they don't sell at all.
Img new ep50.png
Pingu the Living Statue 16 March, 2019 #24
Pingu helps the carpenter make sculptures, but when the carpenter is out, Pingu breaks one of the sculptures by accident.
Img new ep51.png
Pingu's Snack Attack 23 March, 2019 #25
Pingu's doughnut gets stolen by The Seagull.
Img new ep52.png
Pingu the Conductor 30 March, 2019 #26
Pingu learns how to conduct music.


Screenshot Title Release date
I want to see more! The World of Animation "Pingu in the City" 17 March, 2019
TV Special about the creation of "Pingu in the City".


Characters introduced


  • This marks the second return of the series.
  • This is the first Pingu production to use CGI instead of stop-motion due to the fact animating television shows into stop-motion had become much more expensive in the UK than in other countries.
  • This is the first series to have Japanese voice actors, Ryota Iwasaki and Fumiya Tanaka.
  • This is the first series to have Ken Arai as a composer.
  • This is the first Pingu production not to be animated in the UK, from where the show was popular there despite originating from Switzerland.
  • This is currently the only Pingu production to be animated in Japan.
  • Although it's CGI, it still has the same frame-rate as the last 2 seasons of the original show.
  • When Season 2 was released, the key visual was altered, the only real difference however is that the colours are more saturated than the original season 1 intro.
  • Concept Art reveals that the Flower Shop Lady was going to have a Red apron, The Inventor was going to wear a black beanie, and the Carpenter's hat was going to be yellow.



Behind the scenes