There have been several Pingu food products released around the world.


Name Image Description
Pingu ice cream PinguIceCreamCup Vanilla-flavored ice cream that comes in a Pingu-shaped cup. Released by Lusso, it is the first food product with Pingu branding and also the first official Pingu product.[1].
Pingu Flakes TBAImage Released by Switzerland's largest retail company, Migros, it is the first breakfast cereal with the Pingu branding.
Pingu Crunch Pingu Crunch Released by Suzusho Co, Ltd, during 1995.
Pingu Crisp Pingucrisp Released by British supermarket brand Tesco in 1997, it is the last breakfast cereal with the Pingu branding. It contains sweetened penguin & fish shapes of puffed rice & corn.
S&B Pingu Snack PinguSBsnacks Cheese crisps with Pingu branding.
Pingu Choco Biscuits PinguChocoBiscuits Chocolate-filled biscuits.
Pingu chocolate bar PinguChocolate Released by Migros. As the name suggests, it's a chocolate bar.
Pingu Snacks PinguSnacks Released by Migros. Pingu-shaped biscuits.
Pingu-Tea PinguTea Released by Migros. Iced tea packages with the Pingu brand.
Pingu Uberraschung Surprise PinguSurpiseEgg Released by Migros. Similar to Kinder Surprise, it's a chocolate egg with Pingu toys inside.
Pingu yogurt ToniJoghurtPingu Released by Toni Joghurt. Pineapple yogurt with the Pingu brand.
Pingu chocolate pop PinguChocolatePop A Pingu-shaped giant chocolate lollipop.
Pingu Fruits Mix Drop PinguFruitsMixDrop Hard candy with the Pingu brand.
Pingu popcorn PinguPopcorn Popcorn with Pingu branding. They come in two flavors, Caramel (with the blue packaging) and Honey Lemon (with the yellow packaging).
Pingu des biscuits PinguDesBiscuits Biscuits with Pingu chocolate prints.
Pingu Stick Candy PinguStickCandy These are lollipops that come in these flavours:

  • Lemon
  • Pineapple
  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Coconut
  • Blackberry
Fresh Apple PinguFreshApple Apple juice with the Pingu branding.
Pingu Caramel au lait PinguCaramelaulait Caramel milk with the Pingu branding.
Pingu bubble gum PinguBubbleGumMigros Released by Migros. Bubblegum with the Pingu branding.
Pingu Pizza PinguPizza Released by Migros. Pizza with the Pingu branding. Pinga cookies Photo cookies Cookies with the Pinga branding.
Pingu chips Pinguchips Potato crisps with the Pingu branding.
Pingu coffee
Nescafe 01
Bottled coffee with Pingu branding. Released by Nescafe.
Pingu bananas
Banana xmas
Bananas with the Pingu branding. It has a Christmas sticker on it.


  1. According to the Pingu Bible

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