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Pingu and the Fishing Competition is a Pingu DVD released in Switzerland on October 7th 2009.


  1. Pingu Seeks Revenge
  2. Pingu and the Mix-Up
  3. Pingu and the Toy
  4. Pingu Plays Superman
  5. Pingu has a Fishing Competition
  6. Pingu Hides a Letter
  7. Pingu is Not Allowed to Join in the Games
  8. Pingu Draws a Winner
  9. Pingu and the Ghost
  10. Pingu and the Postcard
  11. Pingu Makes a Discovery
  12. Pingu Steals
  13. Pingu and the Lost Ball

Release Dates

Switzerland: October 7, 2009
United Kingdom: October 10, 2011


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