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Pingu and Pinga's family
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Family Tree

Grandpa (Paternal)
Grandpa (Maternal)
Pingu's Father
Pingu's Mother
Pingu's Aunts
The Twins

Family Members



Pingu is the title character of the series. He is in every episode in the series.

He is cheery fun-loving penguin who lives with his family in the South Pole. He sometimes helps his mother and father out with chores, and he often takes care of Pinga when Mother and Father are busy.



Pinga is Pingu's cute little sister.

She loves her big brother and always tags along when he is around. Although potty trained, she is not yet old enough to be fully independent and looks to her big brother to include her in his games and adventures.


Pingu's Father

Pingu and Pinga's father works to deliver the mail.

He used to smoke often, but quit when Pinga was born.

Pingu's Mother

Pingu and Pinga's Mother
is usually at home in the igloo, taking care of her children, cleaning, or cooking.

Although Pingu's antics can sometimes make her cross, she is always there to give him a hug when he needs one.


Pingu's Grandpa (Paternal)

Grandpa is Pingu's & Pinga's grandfather and their dad's father.

He lives in an igloo carved out of a pile of snow not far from where Pingu lives. Back in his younger days, he used to be a famous weight lifter.


Pingu's Grandpa (Maternal)

Grandpa is Pingu's Mother's father.

He is a very good bowling player as seen in Pingu Cannot Lose.

Pingu's Aunt

Pingu's Aunts

Pingu has several aunts who sometimes appear in different episodes throughout the series. Most of them are his mother's sisters.

The Twins

The Twins

The Twins are Pingu's Aunt's children and Pingu and Pinga's cousins.

They are both troublesome and love to cause mischief.


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