Here is the page of users who that hold positions of power on this wiki.


Name Joined Status
Ninjinian October 20, 2009 Retired
Ninjinian was the founder of the wiki. He founded the wiki in 2009. He is no longer active.
StephOfTheEast October 18, 2012 Retired
StephOfTheEast lodged an adoption request for a spammed, understaffed Pingu wiki in October 2012 and quickly set about cleaning the place up with her friend Danny. Steph will continue her work on the Pingu wiki, but she has retired from admin status.
Pyrrha Omega November 10, 2012 Retired
(Previously OddThomasguy) He is more active on the Thomas the Tank Engine and My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic Wikis. He goes by his name, Danny.
Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls October 19, 2012 Retired
Another good friend of OddThomasguy, Jack is a cross-wiki helper on many wikis including this one as he helps with the design. He is also an admin on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.
Jenkins92 August 17, 2012 Active
Jenkins92 is one of the current admins on the wiki. He contributes to many different wikis daily and is keen to make sure that they all stay suitable for their primary target markets. He is also the admin of Postman Pat Wikia.
The Logo Cooler September 9, 2015 Active
The Logo Cooler is one of the current admins on the wiki, which made the site look more professional, proved to be very satisfactory.


Name Joined Status
Hfmbears August 30, 2015 Active


Note: Chat moderators who are already discussions moderators are not included in this section.
Name Joined Status
AquaChoco1997 October 8, 2017 Active


Name Joined Status
Dominicfan400 September 4, 2017 Active


Zapwire was an early admin of the wiki. He is no longer active.

Tangeled Web Weaver

Tangeled Web Weaver was an early admin of the wiki. He is no longer active.


Sape was an early admin of the wiki. He is no longer active.

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