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History of Pingu wiki

The wiki was founded by Ninjinian and Sape on October 20, 2009. The two worked on the wiki for a while. They promoted two other users, Zapwire and Tangeled Web Weaver. All worked on the wiki, but unfortunely, all had stop editing and became inactive. Since then, the wiki had attacratied spammers, which cost the wiki to become a horrid junk filled mess. Spammers posted idiotic spam, uploaded ridiculous photos, and creating awful pages. On October 18, 2012, StephOfTheEast founded the site. She saw how awful the wiki was. So, she lodged an adoption request to help the wiki get back to it's finest shape. With her friend's help, OddThomasguy, both were able to clean up as much as they can as non-staff members. Later on, StephOfTheEast got the promotion, then promoted OddThomasguy, and then cleaned up the wiki. StephOfTheEast has retired from admin status, but still is active. Now OddThomasguy runs the wiki with Jenkins92, Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls, and TenCentstheTug.

When OddThomasguy (now known as Pyrrha Omega) decided to move on, it was left Jenkins92 to stear the ship alone. He worked as best he could to destroy any hint of vandelism, but he hoped to find another user who was worthy of suring the adminship. Then along came The Logo Cooler, whose ideas to make the site look more professional proved to be very satisfactory. After watching over The Logo Cooler's work for a few more months, Jenkins92 was so impressed that he finally decided to promote him to admin. The wikia is now back to it's finest shape ever.

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