Pingu Clears the Show is the sixth episode of the fourth season.


There has been another fall of snow during the night. Pingu and Pinga can not wait to go out a play but so much snow has fallen that Dad's tractor sledge is nearly buried. Pingu grabs a shovel and helps to clear the snow around the tractor sledge while Dad clears the snow off the top of it. It soon becomes rather tiring, so Pingu fetches Mum's hairdryer to melt the snow of the tractor sledge. But so much hot air is used to the melt the snow that the insides of the hairdryer falls to pieces in Pingu's wing.

Later on Pingu wonders how he keep his dad's tractor sledge from getting buried in the snow. Then whilst out walking, he discovered an old run down igloo. It is surround by abandoned slabs of metal and there is a gaping hole in the ceiling with the sun shining right through. This gives Pingu an idea; he could turn it into garage for Dad's tractor sledge. Using blocks of snow, he starts to tidy up the door way of the garage when Robby comes along. He helps Pingu by blocking up the holes in the wall of garage and smoothing out the blocks of snow into the wall, whilst the penguin hoists the sheets of metal onto the roof and shuting out the sun light. Robby throws snowballs onto the roof to weigh the sheets down and Pingu adds a gate to the door way to finish it off.

Pingu and Robby go back to Pingu's place to wait for Dad to come home from work. When he arrives, Pingu tells him he has got a big surprise for him and asks him to drive to it at once. Pingu and Robby hop on to the back of the tractor sledge and off they go. When they arrive at the garage, Dad is very impressed with Pingu and Robby's hard work and parks his tractor sledge inside straight away and just time, as another fall of snow has just started to arrive.



  • As Pingu wonders how to keep Dad's tractor sledge from getting buried, a magazine can be seen on the table with "Pingu" written on it.


  • One of the holes in the wall of the garage is not blocked up when Pingu and Robby finish the job, but when they show it to Dad, the hole has another block of snow wedged in it.
  • We do not see Pingu add the gate to the door way of the garage.
  • In the shot before the last one, the gate to the garage door way is open, but in the next shot, the gate is shut.


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