This article is about the DVD. You may be looking for the episode.
Pingu Boogaloo
is a Pingu DVD released on April 10, 2006.


  1. Pingu Boogaloo
  2. Pingu And The Daily Igloo
  3. Pingu And The Rubberband Plane
  4. Pingu And The Braces
  5. Pingu's Big Catch
  6. Pingu And The New Scooter
  7. Pingu And The Paint
  8. Pingu Makes A Big Splash
  9. Pingu And The Abominable Snowman

Special Features


  • Find Bajoo the Abominable Snowman and Pingu's Dancing Game was later used on Platinum Collection.

Release Dates

United Kingdom: April 10, 2006 (original), 2008 (Woolworths Worthit! re-release)
Australia: 2012 (iTunes)


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