This article's title is derived from Japanese, because it was never/still has to be localized to English in official sources.

Pingu's Rules Of Babysitting is the third episode of Pingu in the City


Pingu is watching the Soccer game on TV with Pinga and her friends playing soccer in the background. They get in his way, and Pingu gets hit in the face with a soccer ball. He takes it and tells them not to play with the ball inside because he's watching the game, a normal reaction. 

They ask him if he wants to play soccer, he agrees and they all go outside. First they do their daily radio calisthenics, These kids don't seem too good at it. He laughs and dresses up as a Soccer coach. He splits the group into 2 teams.

He tells them to start, and Pinga takes the ball with her hands, and he hands her a yellow card, telling her she can't carry the ball. They try again, this time with Pinga kicking the ball. Another player kicks the ball right into the goal, but not before one of the players takes a tennis racket and hits the ball, so he shows her a yellow card. The game starts normally, everything is going well, but one of the players falls, so Pingu cheers him up.

They continue, and when one of the players tries to catch the ball, it goes onto the road as a vehicle is coming, Pingu springs into action, stops the player, and awards him with a yellow card for nearly hurting himself. After that ordeal, one of the players goes back inside, and the other players follow, Pingu goes into the house as he finds them trying to have some donuts, Pingu gives them a yellow card and tells them they have to wash their hands first before they can eat anything.

After they eat their donuts, they get tired and start to fall asleep, so Pingu comforts them. The neighbor is playing loud music, so he stops him because the kids are trying to get to sleep. The neighbor soon after falls asleep, and starts snoring even louder than the music, so Pingu wakes him up shows him a yellow card.

Pingu goes back inside, and turns on the TV, and it is extremely loud, so Pingu turns it off and shows it a red card, then Pingu's Parents get back home and see Pingu asleep with everyone on the sofa.



  • This is the first episode in Pingu in the City to feature Pinga, Mother, and Father.
  • This is the first episode to show Pingu's new house.
  • In Japan, this episode was called "Lullaby is Too Hard", whilst in the US, it will be called "Babysitting is No Piece of Cake"[1]



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