This article's title is derived from Japanese, because it was never/still has to be localized to English in official sources.

Pingu's Magnet Muddle is an thirteenth episode of Pingu in the City .


Pingu is walking past the inventor's igloo when he hears something coming from said igloo. The inventor is working on something, so Pingu investigates. Pingu is interested in what the inventor is making so he enters the igloo. Pingu tries to get the inventor's attention and decides to tap him on the shoulder, which gets him some attention. Pingu offers to help finish the machine, and he spins and dons a hat and bowtie similar to the inventor. The inventor allows Pingu to help and they both get to work.

The machine is finished and it is revealed to be a magnet. Pingu is asked to try the magnet and does so on a radio, which moves closer to him. He pushes the opposite lever on the magnet and the radio goes back. Pingu gets really excited about this magnet, but the inventor starts to cough. His false teeth fall out, possibly due to the magnet. He decides to use the magnet for everyday activities, such as helping Mother get the washing down. He enters his house and his parents leave, leaving him alone to mess with the magnet. He puts a sticker on everything in the house, and tries to attract the table, which works. He then attracts the TV remote and puts the sports channel on. Pingu then gets hungry and attracts some donuts. While he is choosing which donut to eat, Pinga takes hold of the remote and changes the channel to cartoons. They fight over it and Pingu throws the remote.

Pinga goes to get the remote but before she can do so Pingu attracts the remote. Pinga is smart and uses the dials on the TV instead of the remote. He attaches a sticker to Pinga and pushes her back along with a chair. Pinga notices the sticker and takes it off. Pingu is still spamming the magnet when it causes the whole house to shake. All the objects are thrown everywhere at Pingu and Mother and Father arrive home to Pingu covered in objects and Pinga watching cartoons.



  • This is the first episode of Pingu to use a slow motion sequence.
  • In Japan, this episode is called "Comfortable Machine".
  • This is the fourteenth episode to air in the UK.
  • This is the first episode where the title card is not centred.


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