Pingu's Igloo is where Pingu and his family live in from seasons 1-6 before they moved into the city.

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Living room

This contains the kitchen, dining and seating areas of the igloo. In the seating area above the toybox there is a painting of a seal, as well as a telephone. Said toybox is where Pingu and Pinga's toys are located. During the first series, there was a picture of a penguin with glasses next to the coat hanger.

Pingu and Pinga's room

This room contains two beds, a lamp, two paintings (a whale and a seal) and a single bedside cabinet. There is also a window which played a role in two episodes, Pingu Quarrels With His Mother and Pinga's Lost Rabbit. There is also some random junk which caused scary shadows in Pingu's Bedtime Shadows in the corner, as well as some cupboards.


The bathroom is very simple, it contains a toilet, a bath, a sink and a mirror.

Pingu's Parent's Room

This room is different in appearance in the video games compared to the show. It contains a double bed, two cupboards and depending on the media, a pink and love motif.

Role in series


  • In every episode of seasons 1-4, the inside of the igloo's layout would keep on changing. This recurring mistake was fixed by season 5.
  • The igloo seems to be bigger on the inside for an unknown reason, as not even one room of the igloo could fit in the outside igloo. This was remedied in Pingu in the City where they move into a proportionally accurate igloo.


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