Pingg is one of Pingu's friends.


His first appearance was in Hello, Pingu. Pingu goes outside with his ball, but while getting back in to blow his nose, he and Pingo came along and stole the ball. Pingu soon returns and a big fight ensues to rescue his ball: Pingu chased Pingo and Pingg around his house, trying to interfere with Pingo and Pingg tossing the ball back and forth to each other, causing Pingo to trip Pingu that lead to Pingu deflating his own ball. Pingu eventually gets his deflated ball back not before getting pummeled by snowballs thrown by Pingo and Pingg; he returns inside the house with a hurt head.


He is sometimes harsh to Pingu. He can be seen teasing him often, but is still a good friend.


He has a long beak, but a shorter head than Pingo.


He also appeared in Eskimo Disco 7-11.


  • In the pilot episode and Pingu Delivers the Mail, he had a distinctive way of walking, where while he did so, he would stretch his legs up taller and bend over. Starting with Sledging however, he would walk normally.
  • In The Adventures of Pingu audio stories, his name is Pengward.
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