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Pendra (also known as Pikuru) is a character from Pingu in the City. She is one of Pingu's new friends.


She appears during Watch Your Step, Pingu! when she is shown walking towards the concrete while reading a book, but Pingu stops her, though she tries twice to sneak past him, unsuccessfully though, she then challenges Pingu to a tennis game, and while playing, Pingu hits a bin full of flowers, in which he saves, but he ends up with his feet in the concrete, she then helps him about the situation near the end of the episode, when she and Pingu paint flowers on the concrete.


Little is known about Pendra, save that she's somewhat cocky and mischievous and likes to tease Pingu about things. However when an accident happens, she always feels bad and gets her heart in the right place to figure out a plan and her out.


Pendra is a female penguin with orange feet and a red beak. She has a tuft on her hair, two white lines about her head (making her look like a Gentoo Penguin) and eyelashes. She looks very similar to Pingu.



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