Mrs. Peng-Sniff is Pingu's nosy and very grouchy neighbour


Mrs. Peng-Sniff often tries everything in her power to make sure nobody "trespasses" in her yard. Pingu and Pingg once begin playing under her window and she snapped at the two for being so noisy. Pingo then proceeded to make fun of her noisiness and she saw them off with her carpet beater, trapping her flipper in the window in the process.

Eventually, while the trio were playing with a ball, it ended up bouncing on her roof, and when she saw this, she grabbed it as soon as it fell off the roof and took it back into her house, irritating Pingo & Pingg, who both get Pingu to try and get it back. Pingu tries unsuccessfully twice to get her to reconsider, with one time resulting in her pushing him away from the house. Annoyed, Pingu throws a snowball at her doorbell, and he, Pingo, and Pingg run off as she briefly chase after them, after getting the snow off however, she ends up accidentally getting herself locked out of her igloo in the process, which the three penguins find very funny. Pingu, however, is more sympathetic, and decides to help her by climbing through the window and unlocking the door from the inside. Mrs. Peng-Sniff is so grateful that she gives the young penguins their ball back, and even attempts to join in their game, which results in hitting the ball on the glass of her window, which was enough to make any young penguin laugh.

Despite that, she went back to her usual ways in Pingu Gets a Warning.



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