Mr. Peng-Hoven is an old, poor penguin who owns a barrel organ and lives in a crumbling old house.


Pingu first met Mr. Peng-Hoven one day when he was playing is barrel organ and decided to help him, he tried to get people to give him some cash, but the only thing he got was a fish from another penguin. After seeing how bad of a state Mr. Peng-Hoven's house was in, Pingu went out with the barrel organ to do Mr. Peng-Hoven's shopping and thanks to the music he got anything for free. Pingu then filled up the holes in Mr. Peng-Hoven's igloo. Mr. Peng-Hoven was touched at Pingu's kindness and gave the young penguin his harmonica as a reward.

Pingu once delivered a box of pop-corn to Mr. Peng-Hoven, when he and Pinga were trying to clear out the masses of pop-corn which they had not actually intended to make so much of.

When the funfair comes to the South Pole, Mr. Peng-Hoven often plays his barrel organ there too.

Later on, when Mr. Peng-Hoven started feeling ill from a lack of food, his grown-up daughter came to live with him and help him make some more money with her ticket store for lucky wins to get a life-time supply of best quality fish. Then one day Pingu got one of the winning tickets, but decided to give his winnings to Mr. Peng-Hoven and Miss Peng-Hoven.

Nowadays, he works at The Ski Slope.


He is often sad because he does not have any money. However, he is a kindhearted penguin.


He is an old penguin, who sometimes wears a hat, and has wrinkles under his eyes. He often have a sad look on his face due to the fact that he is so poor.



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