Miss Peng-Hoven is the daughter of Mr. Peng-Hoven. She sells tickets for lucky winners to get a life-time's supply of fish.


When her father started to feel ill, Miss Peng-Hoven moved into his igloo and set up her stall outside. She vowed to stay with Mr. Peng-Hoven until he had enough food to get well again. Then one day, her prayers were answered when Pingu bought the winning ticket from her stall and he gave his winnings to her as he saw clearly that her needs were greater than his. Miss Peng-Hoven was so touched that he gave Pingu a yo-yo as a reward.


Miss Peng-Hoven is very kind and caring towards her father and makes sure that he gets nothing but the best to live healthily.


She wears a tatty head scarf.



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