"In Switzerland, where PINGU first came into the world, even though he does not feel at all Swiss, he has found an important partner. MIGROS, the largest retailer in Switzerland, has fallen in love with PINGU and is offering an incredible range of food and non-food products. Soon PINGU will be as famous as Swiss watches and Swiss cheese. What MIGROS has done in Switzerland we hope that it can be done in France too. The difference is that that market is four to five times bigger than that of MIGROS. So little PINGU will be moving into bigger markets, and will hopefully find a place as a private label with the big retailers." [1]

Silvio Mazzola , on Migros.


Migros is Switzerland's largest retail company, its largest supermarket chain and largest employer. It is also one of the forty largest retailers in the world. It is structured in the form of a cooperative society (the Federation of Migros Cooperatives), with more than two million members.

Back in the 90s, they produced a variety of food featuring Pingu branding.



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