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Let's Build An Igloo! is the eleventh Pingu in the City episode.


Pingu is seen running from Pinga while he holds her stuffed rabbit. He runs outside and sees a construction worker, setting up with ice blocks. Pingu gets excited, runs inside, and makes his own building plans. Pingu does his transformation into a construction worker for the day. Pinga tells Pingu that he should use ice from the freezer, but Pingu disagrees because the ice isn't big enough to make an igloo.

Pingu asks the construction worker if he can use some blocks too, for his igloo. The worker says no because he needs a building permit and certifications before thats allowed. He starts walking back home and spots his friend, Robby. They go explore to see if they can find anything that would work. Robby scares him while they turn a corner. While exploring, Pingu gets tired, and rests along the way, but Robby notices a huge wall of ice. They take a block and Pingu accidently sleds with it.

Pingu and Robby are having fun while sledding on these ice blocks that they decide to go again. They get another block, but Pingu notices that the first block is back in the same place it was before. Back to the construction worker, he notices that the ice blocks are now on the side of the road. Pingu is back at the wall and notices the blocks are where they were before.

Pingu has accidently been taking ice blocks from the under construction igloo, while the construction worker has been putting them back. After a third loop, the construction worker catches up with Pingu and scolds him.

Pingu goes back to his home with Robby to build a small house with the ice from the freezer. Pingu, Robby, and Pinga are all happy.



  • This marks Robby's first major appearance in Pingu in the City.
  • In Japan, this episode was called "Make an Igloo!"


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