Julian Jordan (born November 14, 1956) is an illustrator born in Barcelona, Catalonia. He has worked with several European and USA publishers around the years. From 1994 to 1997, he worked on the Pingu Magazine by Egmont Verlag.


In 1994, Julian Jordan received an offer from Comicon Agency. The commission was as it follows: the German publisher Egmont Verlag wanted to do a magazine about Pingu. The drawing style could have been similar to the other magazine about Pingu that already existed in United Kingdom but the publisher allowed them to be free moving Pingu in a more “rubber” way. The client happily accepted first rough layouts and drawings he did.

In these scripts he had to be respectful with Pingu world but stories must had be absolutely different to the episodes that aired on tv, so he had to invent secondary characters like crabs or shrimps. His children sometimes helped him to write Pingu scripts.


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