Grandpa is Pingu's & Pinga's grandfather and their dad's father.


He lives in an igloo carved out of a pile of snow not far from where Pingu lives.

Pingu visits Grandpa in some episodes; he often helps Pingu fly a kite & other small things. Grandpa sometimes plays the accordion in a few episodes.

Back in his younger days, he used to be a famous weight lifter. One day, he went mountaineering with his son.

In Music Lessons, Pingu arrives at Grandpa's igloo to find him playing his own accordion. Pingu is amazed at how well he does it. Grandpa greets Pingu with a welcoming tune and asks him to do like-wise. At the piercing noise that follows, Grandpa offers to give Pingu some music lessons and they soon become as good as each other and are playing perfectly together.


He is a wise penguin, enjoys reading and having Pingu round. the elder son of the late Pingu's great grandfather



He also appeared in Pingu At The Wedding Party



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