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The Giant Walrus is a mysterious character, who only appeared in the episode "Pingu's Dream". 


He appeared in one of Pingu's dreams, first seen following Pingu and eventually he frightened and caught him. The walrus squeezed and stretched Pingu a few times, while laughing, causing Pingu to try run away. The walrus then ate the mattress of the bed, allowing Pingu and the bed to escape. It is possible that Pingu's dream about the giant walrus was brought on by the story his mother was reading to him.


He is very playful, but because of his enormous size, this playfullness scares poor Pingu. In the original version, the walrus is mostly silent, but has a characteristic deep laugh which he often makes whenever he appears, while in the redubbed version, he has more dialogue than in the original.


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  • The walrus was actually a puppet Otmar Gutmann made dating all the way back to the 1970s, with one of it's earliest appearances being on a black background probably speaking in either Swiss German or German in one of Gutmann's showreel.
  • When the walrus was used in Pingu's Dream, his design was altered from how it appeared in Gutmann's showreel, being a darker shade of brown and having more mahogany noticable on the gums. This was likely done to make the walrus look more menacing.
  • In the book version of Pingu's Dream, The Walrus saw Pingu as food rather than a play thing.
  • Strangely, it lacks tusks and instead has human shaped teeth.



Many young viewers as well as some fans found the walrus frightening. Pingu's Dream had an unofficial ban. Despite that, he, and the episode itself gained a cult following due to it's infamy. For more information, See Pingu Censorship.

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