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Fun! Fun! Pingu ~ Welcome! To Antarctica ~ (Japanese: fun!fun! Pingu 初回限定版~ようこそ!南極へ~) is an Adventure game, developed by C-Lab and published by Sony Music Entertainment Incorporated, which was released in Japan in 1999.

The gameplay is about finding object, using those objects to advance in the game or open new mini games. As he go further in the game new characters will be avaliable to talk with. The game allow to save the game to a memory card at anytime. After opening the mini games in the adventure part they can be played separately in the main menu of the game. The game also introduces a new character, callled Popoff.





  • Move character: D-Pad or Left Analog Stick
  • Execute actions / Pick up objects / Use objects / Talk to characters: Circle Button
  • Walk: X Button
  • Examine: Square Button
  • Run: Triangle Button
  • Use object in inventory: L3 Button
  • Rotate left or right: L1 or R1 Button
  • Voice: L2 Button
  • Voice (Horn): R2 Button
  • Pause game: Start Button



【DEMO MOVIE】Fun!Fun!Pingu(PS)

【DEMO MOVIE】Fun!Fun!Pingu(PS)


  • This is the third Pingu video game released and the second to be released only in Japan.
  • This is the only Pingu video game to introduced an exclusive character.
  • The specialists at the Pygos Group helped making this game.
  • The ending song is called "Ai Wa Pika Pika", made by Kazuhiko Kato.



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