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This is a list of episodes from the television series, Pingu that were withheld from rotation by The Pygos Group. The Pygos Group, along with other rights holders for the Pingu at the time like the BBC, decided to pull several episodes from the broadcast because they were either deemed too frightening, inappropriate, offensive, or violent for children.

The ban has been upheld by the Pygos Group and the successive owners of the Pingu series. HiT Entertainment, to this day, and these episodes have not been officially broadcast on television in many countries, especially the in US and the UK. The pulled episodes can still be found on certain DVD releases, The Official Pingu YouTube Channel, and online streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

Screenshot Title of episode Episode
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Hello, Pingu/Pingu is Introduced #1
The scenes where Pingg smacks Pingu on his head and Pingo making Pingu trip on his ball is edited out by the BBC when released on VHS due to violence and it was almost going to be banned, but it still aired in the UK for quite a while and in the United States on Cartoon Network. It was eventually removed from British television in 2003, and did not air in the United States afterwards. The scenes however, are still intact on VHS releases outside of the UK and DVD releases, including the United States.
Pingu Looks After the Egg/Pingu Helps with Incubating #2
On the BBC VHS release of this episode, the scene where Pingu is stuffed inside the cupboard worried about how his parents will respond to what happened was removed completely, likely due to it unintentionally mirroring a self-harm attempt.
Jealousy #6
The shot where Pingu pretends to be sick was once cut in the USA because some viewers found it inappropriate.
There was also a similar edit to the episode as with Pingu Looks After the Egg for the BBC VHS, but it was more elaborate this time around, with the scene of Pingu closing himself in the toy chest being deleted and his mother walking over to comfort him being replaced by a recycled shot from The New Arrival of the telephone ringing, which wasn't in the original or remastered versions.
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Pingu Runs Away #14
This episode was placed under unofficial ban from broadcast or video distribution due to Pingu's mother spanking Pingu and Pingu running away from his house. The episode also featured some scary-looking ice monsters which have not just frightened Pingu, but a lot of very young viewers too. It was also removed from British television in 2005 and was one of the few episodes that were pulled, and later banned from all future American airings due to its offensive and over the very dark top material. It was still released on DVD in the United States however.
Music Lessons #16
The original version of this episode contains copyrighted music which The Pygos Group failed to get clearance from the Music Publishers Holding Company (now Warner Music Group). The redubbed version contained a new piece of music for which MPHC did give Pygos the permission to use. but then oddly, the piece in the original version was used in the My Friend Pingu application.
Little Accidents/Pingu's Lavatory Story #19
This episode was placed on official ban from broadcast or home video distribution (except the UK and Canada) due to toilet humour, the realistic appearance of urination, and alcoholic references, although Amazon Prime Video still has it up.
Pingu's Dream #26
This episode was placed with an unofficial ban from broadcast distribution due to the Giant Walrus being too frightening and haunting for too many young viewers. It was also removed from British television in 2003. It was still broadcast in the United States however, and was also released on DVD in said region (Region 1), but it hasn't been released on VHS by BBC due to the major controversy towards this episode.

Season 2

Screenshot Title of episode Episode
Pingu at the Doctor's #1
This episode was placed under unofficial ban from broadcast or video distribution (except the UK and the US) due to seeing real blood. This is the only episode to get banned in Poland.
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Pingu's Admirer #2
There was a minor controversy at the near end of the episode because the sign that respectively read Perestrokia (left sign) and Glasnost (right sign) was accused of promoting both Communism and the Soviet Union, it's also written in Russian. This, however, did not prompt this episode to be banned.
Pingu's First Kiss #5
This episode was banned and removed from American television due to the beak-to-beak contact being found too inappropriate for children. However, other countries found it alright, including the UK.

Season 3

Screenshot Title of episode Episode
Pingu Quarrels With His Mother #9
The scene where Pingu's mother slaps Pingu on the face is edited out by the BBC when released on VHS. This episode was removed from most American airings because of said scene; however, it did air on Cartoon Network as part of the Small World block in the United States. However, the episode was shown uncut on DVD, The Pingu Show, and in TV airings in Canada.

Season 4

Screenshot Title of episode Episode
Pingu Gets a Warning #9
This episode is banned in Japan for some unknown reasons. Some believe that it could have been due to the fact that Mrs. Peng-Sniff chases after Pingu and Pingo with a carpet beater, however, Kupukupu Information Bureau assumes that this was because the story wouldn't click with Japanese audiences likely due to there not being a clear sense of accomplishment at the end of the episode or due to Mrs. Peng-Sniff being seen as a negative depiction of poverty-stricken people.
Pingu and the Doll #22
This episode was banned throughout most of North America due to Pingu stereotyping as a Native American. Presumably, for the same reason, this episode was also banned in Japan due to portrayal of Native Americans. The ban has most likely been lifted, however, since it is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video in the United States.

Note: This is the last episode to be known as a controversial episode (mostly in the US, but one of the only banned from airing in Japan).