Bouncy Fun! is an DVD released in the UK on May 17, 2004 by HIT Entertainment and later in Australia by ABC for Kids on June 10, 2011.

The UK version has 9 episodes while the AUS version has 11 episodes.


Join Pingu on the first 9 brand new adventures from Series 5! The cheeky little penguin is now on DVD to watch again and again!



  1. Pingu's Bouncy Fun
  2. Pingu Finishes the Job
  3. Pingu Digs A Hole
  4. Pingi's Valentine Card
  5. Pingu Wants to Fly
  6. Pingu's Windy Day
  7. Pinga's Lost Rabbit
  8. Pingu's Moon Adventure
  9. Pinga Sleepwalks


  1. Pingu the Pilot
  2. Pingu's Wish
  3. Pingu Gets Organised
  4. Pingu the Baker
  5. Pingu and the Doll
  6. Pingu on a Bad Day
  7. Pingu Loses the Bet
  8. Pingi's Valentine Card
  9. Pinga Sleepwalks
  10. Pingu's Bouncy Fun
  11. Pinga's Lost Rabbit


  • The web link menu used on this DVD was later reused on the Stinky Pingu and Sledge Academy DVDs.
  • The HiT Parade menu used on the UK DVD was later reused on DVDs released by HiT Entertainment until January 17, 2005 when Ultimate Children's Favourites released with the new updated menu.
  • Pingu's Bouncy Fun, Pingi's Valentine Card, Pinga's Lost Rabbit and Pinga Sleepwalks appears in all versions of this DVD.

Release Dates

United Kingdom: May 17, 2004 (original), April 9, 2007 (Carry Case re-release)
Australia: June 10, 2011 (as Pingu's Bouncy Fun!)


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